Android brings up flow

First, Boot ROM
 - Loads the BootLoader into RAM and starts executing.

Second, BootLoader
 - Start up and find the system kernel.
 - Bootloader is a place where manufacturers put their locks
  and restrictions.
 - Detects external RAM
 - Setups the network, memory … etc, which requires to run Kernel.

Third, Kernel
 - Setup cache
  Protected memory
  Loads drivers
  Starts kernel daemons
  Mounts root file system
  Initializing Input/Output
  Starts interrupts
  Initializes process table ……
 - Looks for “init” in system files
 - Launch root process

Forth, Init (user space)
 - Mounts directories like /sys, /dev or/proc
 - Runs /init.rc script. The init.rc is responsible for the initial set up of the system.

Fifth, (Android) Zygote: 
 - VM process that starts as the system boots
 - app_process launces Zygote

Sixth, SystemServer
 - Load a native library called android_servers